Cloud-linked systems will provide smart home and location-based features in cars.

Volkswagen is partnering with LG Electronics to develop the next generation of VW’s Cross-Over-Platform connected-car technology. VW says the new technologies will include smart home connectivity, location-based notifications, and other infotainment functions.

Almost every automaker is developing improved connected-car technologies as drivers, used to having smartphones at their fingertips, want to stay online behind the wheel. Volkswagen says that it will work primarily with LG on three key features: Allowing drivers to access their smart home feature, such as turning on or off lights; improving “context-sensitive” notifications that car provide in-car alerts based on things like the car’s location or destination; and more broadly, developing “next-generation infotainment technology” for future cars.

VW actually demonstrated many of these features earlier this year with the Budd-e concept shown at the Consumer Electronics Show. The futuristic show car had a giant touchscreen with configurable information tiles, and the company said an “Internet of Things” integration would allow it to interact with robotic vacuum cleaners or video doorbell systems at the driver’s home.

“LG is a strong, reliable partner in the implementation of new features and one of the drivers of innovation in the networked household. We look forward to working with LG and to developing in future simple, easy-to-use smart home solutions for our customers integrated into our vehicle systems,” Volkswagen head of electronics and vehicle research Thomas Form said in a statement.

Toyota also recently announced an increased focus on Internet of Things and connected-car research, launching a subsidiary called Toyota Connected.

Source: Volkswagen

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