Customers can also decide how they want the supercar's carbon fiber to look.

Now that Ford is done accepting applications for the new GT, some of the 500 lucky customers can start the exciting process of picking the finishes for their perfect supercar. The Blue Oval is ready to meet the wealthy buyers' needs by offering a variety of trim options on the coupe, including eight exterior colors. 

The GT comes standard with carbon ceramic rotors and black six-piston, monobloc calipers from Brembo. However if buyers want to add a pop of color, Ford also offers the stoppers in silver, blue, orange, and red. The brighter shades bring out the discs' textured appearance. 

The colorful brakes should look great with the GT's optional carbon fiber wheels. The 20-inch units save around two pounds each over the stock forged aluminum parts. The choice between a matte or gloss finish on them gives customers one more decision for their new supercar.

Buyers also have big choices to make inside. For example, the instrument panel is carbon fiber, and customers can pick whether they want a matte or gloss finish. Alternatively, they can also order it painted Shadow Black. Whatever color the client specifies for the seat backs also shows up on trim for the passenger side, too.

The first customers should take delivery of their GTs by the end of 2016, and we can't wait to see how they option the supercars. If you aren't on Ford's list to get one or don't have the $400,000 to spend, there's still the option of playing with the configurator to customize your own GT.

Source: Ford

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