Mmm, spaghetti and toilet paper.

Spaghetti and toilet paper doesn't sound like a winning combination but that hasn't stopped BMW from unveiling its new i3 Spaghetti Car.

Created for this year's Rencontres d’Arles Festival of Photography, the model was jointly developed by BMW and Toilet Paper which is billed as a "bi-annual avantgarde picture-based publication and brand created by artist Maurizio Cattelan."

Described as a one-off model that is not an official BMW art car, the i3 has a spaghetti-inspired wrap and Toilet Paper badging.  While that's far from appealing, Cattelan remarked "This is by far the best Spaghetti Car I have tasted! All those years of perfecting definitely paid off! Totally awesome!”

We'd beg to differ but at least we can rest assured that the artist’s design will be destroyed sometime after the Rencontres d’Arles festival according to Cattelan’s wishes.

While this particular model isn't an art car, BMW said an M6 GT3 is "currently being turned into a 'rolling sculpture' by both by US West Coast legend John Baldessari as well as young Beijing-based multimedia artist Cao Fei."  Little is known about that particular model but the automaker said it will be shown at upcoming racing events and world premieres.

Source: BMW

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