I don't know about you, but if my car caught fire with me in it, I'd be in quite a big hurry to get out. I probably wouldn't even open the door, but burst through it like a cartoon character.

Some people, though, couldn't care less about impending firey doom, not when there's a prize at stake. People like the driver of this Mercury Grand Marquis.

The burnout competition at Street Car Takeover is the event, Heartland Park in Kansas City, Kansas the venue. Our hero - or nutcase, more accurately - rolls his senior citizen-spec beige Grand Marquis into position and lights up the back tires. Literally, as it turns out. After a couple of minutes of turning rubber into clouds of fluffy white smoke, the heat reaches flash point the left-side tire erupts into flame.

But does that put the driver off? No, siree-bob. Despite what must be considerable heat, he keeps his boot in until there's no tire left - or someone stops him, it's hard to tell.

After that performance, it would have been rude not to give him first prize. And he really doesn't seem to care that he nearly barbequed himself. Or that the back-end of his Marquis is looking a little... crispy.

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