The road-going version sounds amazing, the a track-only tune can allegedly challenge a modern LMP1 car.

After months of speculation and having little more than wavy green lines to suggest its shape, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing are finally unveiling the design for their AM-RB 001 hypercar. Ultra-wealthy enthusiasts around the world have to wait until 2018 to get one, but at least they now have a picture to put on their yacht’s refrigerator. Buyers need to be quick to make a reservation, too, because Aston Martin plans to build between 99 and 150 road-going examples and 25 track-only versions.

The AM-RB 001’s ultra-low, swoopy shape comes from collaboration among Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman, and Aston Martin Chief Special Operations Officer David King. The design puts a value on performance rather being recognizably an Aston Martin. For example, the lower air dam pays homage to the brand’s styling cues, but otherwise the hypercar looks tailor-made to slice through the air. The vehicle reportedly produces massive amounts of downforce thanks to Newey’s use of underfloor aerodynamics.

Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing are promising revolutionary performance when the AM-RB 001 arrives. Power comes from a mid-mounted naturally aspirated V12, and the mill gives the hypercar a one horsepower per kilogram power-to-weight ratio. The engine might be a further development of the 7.0-liter V12 in the Vulcan, which produces 820 horsepower. With no additional tweaks, that could put the AM-RB 001's weight as low as 820 kg (1,808 pounds). Red Bull Advanced Technologies is also developing a new transmission to get the most from the powerplant.

For customers who want even more, the Aston Martin will build a track-only version that will be even quicker. The company keeps the details light for now, but its announcement promises performance on par with an LMP1 race car.

Source: Aston Martin

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