Several coupe-SUV concepts to be revealed in the coming years.

Coupe-SUVs are becoming more and more popular and Renault wants to get a slice of the pie by introducing a brand new model, aimed to rival the BMW X4 and the likes.

Everything’s still on the speculation phase, but Autocar reports a concept previewing the future production model will be presented during the Paris Motor Show in early October. More studies designed by a team led by design chief Laurens van den Acker will follow in the coming years.

While nothing is official yet, it is believed the new vehicle will be based on the Kadjar because of its larger footprint. Our source claims Renault designers are inspired by the Mazda Koeru concept and find the low, sleek, and sporty SUV a perfect example for a successful coupe-SUV.

According to Autocar, the French manufacturer wants the production model to give customers the feeling of “robustness and security that comes from owning a crossover”, but at the same time “with the desirability of a coupe.” Searching for the “next big thing,” Renault will most likely put an electric system under the body of the new concept.

Note: Renault Captur pictured.

Source: Autocar