It is always frustrating to return to your parked car and find a fresh ding or scratch in the door. Imagine the shock when the owner of a Tata Safari in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, discovered a MiG-27 fighter jet had hit the SUV. For such a forceful collision, the vehicle still looked surprisingly in tact afterwards but definitely not in drivable condition.




According to New Delhi Television, the plane was on a training mission when there was a technical problem. The pilot ejected and did not suffer any injuries. However, the fighter crashed into a crowded neighborhood. In addition to the damaging the SUV, it rammed into a house, and the incident caused minor injuries to some people nearby.

Unfortunately, accidents like this are too common for the Indian Air Force’s aging fleet of MiG-27 jets. Russia introduced the ground attack planes in the '70s and already retired them from service. According to New Delhi Television, the Indian Air Force has had 11 of them crash in the past 10 years, and most of those incidents happened due to technical defects. The military has begun the process of phasing them out, but many of its MiG-27s have continued to fly.

Source: New Delhi Television via Motoroids

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