The study claims 60 percent of the vehicles on the road in the U.S are American made.

Given this weekend's Fourth of July holiday, many researchers have recently attempted to figure out the most "American-made" vehicle in the United States. A study from gave the title to the Toyota Camry, and the Kogod School of Business awarded a three-way tie to the Chevrolet TraverseBuick Enclave, and GMC Acadia. Now, an investigation from Experian is taking a slightly broader view and asserts that Jeep is the most American-made brand people can buy.

Experian took a holistic view for its research and examined all of the vehicles on American roads. This approach came up with some rather odd results, though. Jeep lead the pack with 93.3 percent of its registered models built in the U.S. However, the long-dead companies Oldsmobile and Saturn came in second and third at 93.3 percent and 92.4 percent, respectively. New cars from these brands haven't been available for years, but there were still enough of them driving around to put the pair near the top of the list. Ignoring them, Ford at 83.1 percent and Cadillac at 80.6 percent are the next still-viable marques in the ranking.

Experian also looked at the general makeup of American roads, and almost 60 percent of vehicles are made in the country. Canada was a distant second at 12.6 percent, and Japan rounded out the top three at 11.1 percent.

This study is a further indication that it's quite hard to pin down what American-made” really means in the modern world. For example, no Jeeps were eligible for’s list because the models didn’t meet those researchers’ threshold of using at least 75 percent domestically sourced components. The Kogod School of Business emphasized where the profits went after a sale, and two Jeeps made it into the top ten – the Wrangler Unlimited in sixth and Cherokee in eighth.

Source: Experian

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