Tuner celebrates its birthday in style by giving the M2 an M4 engine swap.

It was October 14, 2015 when BMW finally took the wraps off the M2 Coupe. About a week and a half later, Manhart previewed its own take on the high-performance coupe with the turbo-six 3.0-liter N55 engine tuned from 370 hp to 450 hp. Now, the German aftermarket specialist has found a proper way to celebrate its 30th birthday by removing the M2’s standard engine and replacing it with the M4’s beefier S55 unit.

There’s more to the upgrade kit than just an engine transplant, as Manhart also fiddled with the S55 and boosted its output from a series 431 hp to a massive 630 hp, hence the car’s “MH2 630” designation. The tuner isn’t saying how it managed to extract so much power from the S55, but most likely some of the ingredients include a tweaked turbocharger and some software wizardry as it’s the case with most tuning jobs nowadays. They've also modified the exhaust system since the soundtrack now is just brutal.


Once the engine transplant was in place, the M2 received a BMW Individual Sunburst Gold Metallic body finish and a custom set of 19-inch black wheels backed by yellow/gold brake calipers to match the car’s finish. The body has also gone through a few changes and now sports a vented hood, prominent front splitter, beefier air vents, extended side skirts, and a carbon fiber trunk lid spoiler.

Pricing details have not been revealed, but you can imagine it is on the expensive side. According to the folks from 7-Forum, the MH2 630 costs over €100,000 (including donor car) and only five units will ever be made.

Source: Manhart via 7-Forum

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