Hard to believe, but apparently there were 11 passengers in the SUV.

In a bid to prove the new bridge at the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan province is very solid, Chinese officials decided to squeeze in 11 passengers inside a second-gen XC90 and drive over it. There’s no footage with the people getting in or out of the SUV, but many sites - including The Washington Post - are reporting there were 11 passengers inside the car, so a total number of 12 once we include the driver. Others are saying there were only five people (all adults) in the XC90 which frankly would make more sense.

As for the bridge, it’s allegedly the longest glass bridge in the world (at 1,411 feet / 430 meters) and also the highest (at 984 feet / 300 meters above the ground). Work on the glass bridge was completed this spring and the people who built it say it’s sturdy enough to withstand the equivalent weight of 800 people. To prove it is durable, Chinese officials gave 5.5-kg (about 12-pound) hammers to 20 people to take a crack at smashing the glass.

The bridge features three layers of tempered glass and each layer is 0.6-inches (15-mm) thick. As you can see from the attached footage, those people armed with the sledgehammers did manage to leave cracks in the top layer. After that, the aforementioned XC90 which weighs around two tons (4,000 lbs) drove over the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge to further prove the point.

The $69-million glass bridge in the Tianmenshan National Forest Park was programmed to be inaugurated in May, but South China Morning Post reports rainfall has delayed the grand opening which is now slated for next month.

Source: news.xinhuanet.com, mashable.com