On the flip side, DB11 is off to a strong start.

2015 was far from being one of Aston Martin’s best-performing years, with the company based in Gaydon posting a pre-tax loss of $172 million. That’s almost double than the loss registered in 2014 when the pre-tax loss stood at $96.2M. In terms of car sales, last year Aston Martin delivered a total of 3,615 units, representing a slight decrease compared to 2014 when it sold 3,661 vehicles. As for this year, the company estimates it will be able to match the number of cars sold in 2015.

The good news is Aston Martin believes the new DB11 will help them achieve a 20-percent increase in core earnings at the end of 2016. The long-awaited DB9 replacement is off to a great start, as around 500 people ordered the car at VIP preview events before the model was actually revealed to the whole world. After official images started popping online, about 500 more pre-ordered the vehicle and an extra 400 orders were registered during the car’s premiere at the Geneva Motor Show back in March.

Aston Martin DBX concept at 2015 Geneva Motor Show
Aston Martin DBX concept at 2015 Geneva Motor Show
Aston Martin DBX concept at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Let’s not forget AM is also cooking up its very first crossover which is scheduled to enter production in 2020. Previewed by the DBX concept pictured above, the high-riding model will be built at a new factory in Wales and will likely boost the company’s earnings significantly seeing as how posh crossovers and SUVs are all the rage these days. In addition, the production-ready DBX will also have the element of novelty by being Aston’s first stab in the segment and the company hopes it will be able to lure in more women buyers on the look for a "luxury GT crossover."

Source: Aston Martin via europe.autonews.com

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Aston Martin DB11 off to a strong start