Designed to protect young passengers from hearing offensive content.

Subaru apparently has a feature built in to its cars that prevents drivers from hearing "mature audience" SiriusXM material at startup.

The issue was brought to the attention of Automotive IT News by Vince Patton who discovered the radio in his 2016 Outback would change to a preview channel of the station he was previously listening too. Annoyed by having to change radio stations every time he started his car, Patton reached out to Subaru and was informed this was a feature and the setting cannot be changed.

After a little digging, the publication found a tech tip which says the Legacy and Outback have new multimedia systems "where the channel will automatically revert to the preview station at every key cycle if the unit is turned off while tuned to a channel that may broadcast content intended for a mature audience."

When reached for comment, Subaru spokesman Michael McHale acknowledged the change may frustrate some owners but stated Subaru is a “family company" and the setting was designed to prevent young passengers from hearing offensive content.

Source: Automotive IT News