Has successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets.

A chatbot developed by a 19 year old college student has helped drivers in London and New York save over $4 million in parking fines in less than two years.

Created by Stanford University student Joshua Browder, the DoNotPay chatbot is billed as the "world's first robot lawyer" and has successfully been used to contest 160,000 parking tickets.  Since the program was launch, 250,000 cases have been submitted which means the chatbot has a success rate of 64% which isn't too shabby.

Browder created the program after he received 30 parking tickets in London and surrounding areas.  Since the appeals process is pretty formulaic, he was able to fine-tune the chatbot to deal with a number of different situations.

When a London or New York resident receives a parking ticket, they can simply visit the DoNotPay website and answer a series of questions to determine whether or not they can appeal their ticket.  If an appeal is possible, the program will guide the user through the appeals process.

The program has been so successful that Browder intends to expand the service to Seattle.  He also plans on creating another chatbot to help people receive compensation for flight delays.

Source: The Guardian