In July 2010, former F1 driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel established a new Guinness World Record for the highest top speed of a road-going car. He drove the mighty Veyron Super Sport and was clocked at 268 mph (431 kph) at the Volkswagen Group’s Ehra-Lessien test facility. Now, Bugatti’s boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has announced the Molsheim-based company will attempt to take down the record with the Veyron’s replacement, the Chiron.

Speaking to Autocar, the man in charge at Bugatti said the Chiron is faster than its predecessor, but they don’t know just yet by how much. He went on to specify computer calculations from simulations have shown it’s going to be quicker than the Veyron Super Sport, but he admitted “it is always different to sit in the car and actually do it.”

We remind you the new Chiron has an official top speed of 261 mph (420 kph) which is only 3 mph higher than the Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition (WRE). The latter actually came with an electronic top speed limiter to protect the tires, so that’s why it was not able to match the 268-mph velocity of the unrestricted car driven by Pierre-Henri Raphanel.

Reports are indicating a Chiron running at its full potential will be able to top out at 288 mph (463 kph), but Bugatti hasn’t confirmed this so far, so take that number with the proverbial grain of salt. Even if it’s true, most likely the road-going car will be restricted like the Veyron SS WRE before it to avoid obliterating the tires. It is believed Bugatti has plans to perform the record attempt in 2018 at the same 13-mile Ehra-Lessien facility, so until then we’ll just have to wait.

We do know for sure the Chiron is capable of doing at least 236 mph (380 kph) since a production-spec car reached that speed earlier this month at Circuit de la Sarthe on the occasion of the 84th Le Mans event.

Source: Autocar

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