Avoiding the dealership is another luxurious perk for Lincoln customers.

The luxury-car ownership experience isn’t limited to the car itself, as Lincoln intends to demonstrate for all customers going forward. Starting with the 2017 Continental, Lincoln customers will almost never have to visit the dealership again, as dealers will pick up a customer’s car for service, free of charge.

When customers need service, Lincoln dealers will pick up the customer’s car from their home or workplace, and leave a loaner car in place. After the service has been completed, the car is returned to the location of the customer’s choosing. The idea is to provide just one more perk that shoppers can’t find with other brands.

“Lincoln Pickup and Delivery service revolves around complementing our luxury vehicles with outstanding luxury experiences,” Lincoln North America director of sales and marketing Andrew Frick said in a statement. “Our dealers view this as a way to differentiate the client experience for Lincoln owners.”

Lincoln already has the data to provide this service will help retain customers. Since May 2015, certain Lincoln dealers have been offering the pickup and delivery program on a trial basis. Of owners who received the service, 98 percent said they’d recommend Lincoln to a friend, and 93 percent said they are “likely” to purchase another Lincoln.

While the pickup service in itself is not a new idea – it was a key selling point of the Hyundai Equus, for example – Lincoln’s decision to make it standard on all cars from the 2017 model year onward is a bold move to help the brand stand apart from other luxury marques.

Source: Lincoln

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