Lister will keep the news ones as authentic as possible.

The Lister Motor Company is continuing the recent trend of building authentic versions classic British sports cars. The firm's new Lister Knobbly Stirling Moss Edition revives the rare magnesium-bodied racer from the late ‘50s. None of the originals still exist, so paying a million pounds ($1.3 million) for one of these ten examples is the only way to experience this retro roadster. Deliveries start in the fall 2017.

“The Knobbly remains one of my favourite racing cars," Sir Stirling Moss said in Lister’s announcement.

These handmade sports cars precisely replicate Lister’s lightweight works racers. With magnesium bodies and thinner steel tubes for the space frame, the roadster weighs a mere 1,854 pounds (841 kilograms). The powertrain copies the original by using a 3.8-liter Jaguar inline-six with 337 horsepower (251.3 kilowatts) and 295 pound-feet of torque (400 Newton-meters) and a Jag-derived four-speed manual. Lister claims the Stirling Moss Edition Knobbly can hit 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds and reach 100 mph in under 10 seconds. For the incredibly brave, the top speed is 184 mph (296 kph). Customers can choose between race trim, which is eligible for historic events, or road specification.

Lister will keep these cars as original as possible. The technicians will even use the original jig to build the chassis and the genuine styling bucks to form the body. True to the ‘50s racers, the magnesium-body examples will have lower, more aerodynamic front fenders than the aluminum-made examples. They’ll all come in combination of British racing green and yellow, and Stirling Moss will hand over each example to the new owner.

After 25 years out of business, Lister returned in 2013, and the firm offered a continuation series of the classic Knobbly. Since then, Jaguar has gotten serious about this niche too. The firm first offered new E-Type Lightweights and followed them with nine more examples of the XKSS. If you love rare, British racers and have the money to afford these expensive copies, now is a great time to be around.

Source: Lister Motor Company

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