If you thought the $126,500 Herbie sold last year was an expensive bug, wait until you see this. One of the 40-ish remaining KdF Type 60 Beetles out there is now on sale for anyone willing to pay the hefty price tag of $295,000 (about €268,184). The restored Beetle was delivered in June 1943 to the director of the German Red Cross in Potsdam-Babelsberg in Berlin, Germany and the car is mentioned in VW’s archives as well as in the KdF registry, so its history is well-documented.

The KdF Type 60 Beetle is a rare sight taking into account it was built in low numbers during 1937 and 1944. With this one being is such great condition, you can imagine it’s an opportunity that doesn’t come up so often. That being said, the asking price is simply colossal and it’s hard to imagine someone willing to pay that. Maybe those semaphore turn signals will lure in potential buyers of an otherwise sinister-looking bug, but close to $300k is simply insane for a Beetle.

If you’re really interested, the car is currently located in North Carolina and you can contact the seller via the first source link below. Who knows, maybe he’s willing to negotiate that exorbitant price.

Source: holygrailgarage.com via vwvortex.com

Gallery: 1943 KdF Type 60 Beetle

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