There are at least three cases worldwide of the part failing.

Mercedes-Benz will recall 136 examples of the 2016 AMG GT S in the United States because the adhesive joining the carbon fiber driveshaft and the engine/transmission flange can potentially fail. The issue affects units of the sports coupe with build dates from June 1, 2015, to July 24, 2015.

According to Mercedes' explanation to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there might not have been sufficient cleaning of the bonding surfaces for the flange and driveshaft prior to adding the adhesive. "In such a case the carbon-fiber driveshaft might separate from the flange and spin. This could result in loss of traction between the engine and transmission and thus lead to loss of motive power," the report notes.

Mercedes first heard about this problem in October 2015 when an owner in the U.S. reported it. The company believed this incident was a one-off case, but then complaints came from Saudi Arabia and Japan. "Customers noted transmission malfunctions in connection with scratching noises and warning signals in the instrument cluster," the automaker said in NHTSA's documents.

Mercedes will begin notifying owners about the recall in June. On July 1, dealers will begin inspecting the driveshafts, and they'll replace the components as necessary. 

Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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