Based on the Fiat Toro.

It’s not a secret that PSA is working on a pickup truck anymore, as the new model was officially confirmed as a part of the Push to Pass growth plan. It was also confirmed that it will be based on the latest generation Toyota Hilux.

While it’s really too early to predict how the car could look like, our friend Theophilus Chin has prepared a hypothetical design, inspired by the recently launched 3008 SUV. He has used Fiat’s Toro pickup as a base for his project and, we have to agree, the combination looks quite appealing.

We are not surprised PSA will borrow the hardware from an existing model of Toyota, as such a niche vehicle is unlikely to generate enough money to justify the development costs. In fact, we are still not sure if the pickup will use Peugeot or Citroen badge, but we expect it to hit the South American market first in two or three years.

Last time the French manufacturer offered a similar vehicle was in 2014, when the Peugeot Hoggar was discontinued. It was a relatively small working car with a payload capacity of 1,636 pounds (742 kilograms) and a bed that holds 40.6 cubic feet (1,151 liters) of cargo. The so-called coupe utility segment was offered with two engines.

Source: Theophilus Chin

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