We haven't heard much about Faraday Future lately but Reuters is reporting the automaker has been granted permission to begin testing autonomous vehicles in California.

Little is known about the company's plans for the technology but its senior director of autonomous driving, Jan Becker, has previously said Faraday Future products will have "state of the art driver assistance systems."  That's not much to go on but Becker also promised the company's models will receive automatic over-the-air software updates much like Tesla vehicles do.

Faraday Future burst onto the scene earlier this year when the company showed the radical FFZERO1 concept at the Consumer Electronics Show.  Despite a lot of hype, many were underwhelmed and critical of the company's suggestion that the model rode on the newly-developed Variable Platform Architecture when, in fact, the platform didn't even exist yet.

Needless to say the company's move didn't inspire a lot of confidence but since then Faraday Future has hired high-profile employees from Ferrari and Tesla.  The company also announced plans to invest $1 billion into state-of-the-art production facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

If everything goes according to plan, Faraday Future will launch its first production model sometime next year.  The car is slated to be an electric vehicle with a large battery that could have a capacity of 98 kilowatt hours.

Source: Reuters

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