See if the star athlete's serve can hit a target on a Jag.

Unless you’re Novak Djokovic, challenging Andy Murray to a game of tennis would likely end in an embarrassing defeat, but Jaguar is evening the odds by pitting the British athlete against some of the automaker’s hottest vehicles. It’s a very weird competition, but this is a great opportunity to listen to the supercharged engines in the XE and F-Type SVR

In this automotive tennis match, Murray had to hit a serve into a target on the vehicles' rear, while they sped away from him. The tennis star earned points for a successful shot, but the driver got them if he missed. Tennis' traditional scoring rules applied. After taking on the XE and F-Type, Murray fought an even more nimble opponent when Jag brought out its new Formula E racecar.

Hitting the back of a speeding car with a tennis serve can’t be easy, but Murray is one of the best players in the world. After getting the hang of the challenge with an early miss, his performance begins to improve. Check out the clip to see whether he can beat some of Jag’s top models, and keep watching until the end to see the mysterious person behind the wheel.

Source: Jaguar

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