Finally matching the power of the Model X P90D.

Tesla’s latest software update for the Model S P90D, version 2.24.30, is reportedly bringing a 68-horsepower (50-killowatt) power boost for the electric vehicle. Our colleagues at Electrek are reporting the sedan fitted with the Ludicrous Mode is now sending a total of 672 hp (501 kW) to the wheels, achieved on a dyno test.

What really matters here is that the Californian company often declared that the Model S P90D has the same output as the Model X P90D. As it turns out, this is becoming a fact only as of the last software update, which was released last week.

This is not the first case of controversy over the official power reporting from Tesla. Back in September last year, a group of Model S owners complained about the inaccurate power figure of the P85D version that was marketed as a 691-hp EV. After various tests under different methods, the owners said, the vehicle showed a maximum output of 557 hp (410 kW) before any drivetrain losses on a fully charged battery. The manufacturer eventually changed the advertised power to 463 hp (341 kW).

Getting back to the recent update of the P90D, one scenario is there has been a software limit set for the vehicle when it was launched. During the test phase of the Model X, the software has probably been retuned and now is getting back to the Model S, showing improved capabilities.

Source: Electrek