Brabus will handle the small production run.

A landaulet is the ultimate expression of automotive opulence. The wealthy owner gets to bask in the sun’s rays in the open rear compartment, but the chauffeur must sit in a separate, enclosed cabin up front. Mercedes-Maybach’s wealthy clientele will reportedly be able to enjoy this special form of luxury soon from the S650 Landaulet. According to Autogespot, the lavish blend of sedan and convertible will debut at the Paris Motor Show in early October.

Like the similarly exclusive Mercedes-Maybach Pullman, Brabus will handle the Landaulet’s production. It’ll continue to use a V12, like the Pullman, but power will jump from 523 horsepower in the ultra long-wheelbase model to 650 hp in the new semi-droptop. So much grunt will likely be a major help in moving the already hefty vehicle especially after installing the power top’s extra weight in the back.

The number of people wealthy enough to buy a Maybach is fairly small, and there are even fewer potential customers lusting after an open-topped version. According to Autogespot, Mercedes intends produce just 300 Landaulets to fulfill this tiny, albeit affluent, niche.

Maybach last offered the odd body style to customers with a limited run of the 62 S Landaulet. These rare vehicles kept the sedan's B- and C-pillar in place but featured a power top that folded backward onto the trunk. Owners or more likely their chauffeur then concealed it with a leather cover. The models initially sold for 900,000 euros ($1 million), but at least one dealer in Texas asked more twice that much.

Source: Autogespot

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