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Remember the second-gen Roomster? That was supposed to be a rebadged VW Caddy. If the attached photos are any indication, at a first glance it seems VAG is preparing another badge-engineered car, the next Yeti. We are probably looking at the new-generation Yeti wearing the Tiguan’s body, but with a Skoda front grille and the Czech marque’s badge.

We are not excluding the possibility of this being an early test mule dressed in VW apparel, so more evolved prototypes could make the switch to the new Yeti’s actual body. However, VAG needs money to face the Dieselgate, so it might want to cut R&D costs and simply rebadge the latest Tiguan for a second-generation Yeti.

The key selling point of a Skoda is that it’s more practical and cheaper than the VW counterpart. If the new Yeti will indeed be a Tiguan with the Skoda logo, it means it is going to have the same footprint and will not offer a roomier cabin and a more spacious trunk as one would expect. In regards to pricing, the Skoda-badged version will obviously have to be cheaper than the equivalent VW, so it will be interesting to see how much it will cost.

What do you guys think? Will the next Yeti be nothing more than a rebadged Tiguan or are we looking at an early test mule with some Skoda bits just to throw us off? My personal hunch is that it's only a very early test mule and the new crossover from Mladá Boleslav will have its own identity.

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