Aggressive body kit gives the coupe the looks to back up the extra power.

Mercedes-AMG is just days away from unveiling its hardcore, 577-horsepower GT R, but the tuners at RevoZport are already a step ahead. The German firm now offers the GTZ-650 package to turn up the heat on the current GT S and make the coupe look even meaner, too.

RevoZport’s kit takes the GT S’ 4.0-liter biturbo V8 from a stock 503 hp up to an impressive 650 hp. To make such a massive upgrade possible, the firm fits an updated ECU and a better flowing intake. It also installs a titanium exhaust, which has the added bonus of shedding 22 pounds over the standard stainless steel part.

Buyers who want to add nearly 143 horsepower to their already quick sports coupe probably want to make it look more aggressive, too. RevoZport is ready to service them with a new body kit, which the business claims increases downforce. The company uses carbon-Kevlar for the ground-scraping front splitter because the material is more resilient if an owner accidentally grazes a speed bump. Carbon fiber parts for the canards, side skirts, and rear diffuser continue the racing-inspired design. Customers also get the choice of carbon components for the lip spoiler or wing on the trunk.


Source: RevoZport

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