Talk about fast food...

It was far from being an ordinary Friday drive to work for New Jersey commuters as they witnessed the aftermath of a rather funny and highly unusual accident. Just before 6 AM, a truck packed with deli meat collided on the Interstate 287 with another truck which was carrying bread, thus creating an impromptu massive sandwich.

There weren’t any injuries reported, so it’s ok to have a good laugh about the peculiar crash between the two trucks. If only there was a third truck hauling some cheese to complete the tasty sandwich…

As seen in the attached post-collision footage, the morning traffic was slowed down while the workers cleaned up the delicious mess. All lanes except for one were closed, but that didn’t last so long as things went back to normal around 7:30 in the morning after the road received a good scrub, so just in time before the peak of the rush hour.

You can imagine it must have been an amusing conversation at work with an employee trying to explain to his boss what caused the delay. It’s the type of accident that you have to see to believe and thankfully we have aerial footage to prove it actually happened and it’s not just a prank.


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