A first-generation Toyota Corolla in original specification to join more than 130 vintage cars in this year’s Great Race.

On the occasion of Corolla’s 50th anniversary, Toyota has decided to participate for the very first time in the collector-car endurance road rally with a first-gen 1970 Corolla. Behind the wheel of the vehicle is going to be Jamie Bestwick, a 13-time X Games gold medal winner in BMX Vert and SCORE Baja 1000 veteran. Even though it’s 46 years old, the Corolla remains true to its 1970 specifications and has received a vintage racing livery which harkens back to the early 70s.

The 2016 Great Race endurance rally kicks off today in San Rafael, California and will end on the 26th in Moline, Illinois. Jamie Bestwick and his navigator Laurence Foster will have to cover almost 2,500 miles with the original Corolla sedan and will need to complete each sections in pre-established times and speeds, so the Great Race is not about who gets there first. As a matter of fact, if a team finishes a section too early or too late, that team is going to be penalized for not sticking to the pre-set targets.

This year’s edition will host a wide array of classic vehicles, with the oldest one dating back to a century ago. Each driver and navigator team is going to receive a set of course instructions at the beginning of each rally day and on June 26 the winning team will get to claim a check for $50,000.

Source: Toyota

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