For nearly twice the price, customers can get into a Tesla sooner.

The Tesla Model 3 has already received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders but the first deliveries aren't slated to occur to late 2017.  In an effort to generate sales and keep customers happy, the company is reportedly trying to get people who reserved a Model 3 to order an entry-level Model S 60 instead.

In an e-mailed obtained by Electrek, a Florida-based dealership contacted a customer and stated "We know how excited you are to receive your Model 3 and wanted to ensure you had the chance to work with myself and our team to explore the options of getting into a Tesla even sooner."  The e-mail also says the company is "thrilled to have just launched the new Model S 60" and goes on to invite the reservation holder for a test drive.

The Model S 60 starts at $66,000 and features a 60 kilowatt hour lithium-ion battery which enables the car to accelerate 0-60 miles per hour in 5.5 seconds, hit a top speed of 130 mph, and travel up to 210 miles on a single charge.

However, the Model 3 is nearly $30,000 cheaper as it is expected to start at just $35,000.  Despite the significant saving, buyers won't be giving up much in terms of performance as the company has previously said the car will accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than six seconds and have a range of approximately 215 miles.

Source: Electrek