It's rare to see any of these, let alone a half dozen of them.

Homologation specials are automakers' gifts to their most diehard (and often wealthiest) fans. The competition rules require companies build a certain number of street versions before going racing, and a few lucky customers then get to buy something that prioritizes performance above all else. One guy owns six of these exceptional vehicles: a BMW M1, Lancia 037, Lancia Delta S4, Lancia Stratos, Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II, and a Porsche 924 GTS. This amazing clip captures all of them driving to the 2016 Greenwich Concours D’Elegance.

The M1 acts as the camera car here. While that means we don’t get to see as much of BMW’s wedge-shaped supercar, this is a fantastic opportunity to get an earful of its sonorous inline six. The other vehicles are fantastic, too. The trio of Lancias represent that brand’s great success in rallying. The 190E Evo II is the ultimate iteration of a famous touring car, and this is one of just 15 examples of the 924 GTS sold with a full racing interior.

If you watch this sextet of automotive perfection and want to know more, there’s good news. The clip’s creator also wrote a story about the homologation car convoy for Petrolicious, including some great photos of the vehicles.

Source: Petrolicious via Road & Track