JLR's Special Vehicle Operations managing director talks next-gen Defender. Rugged, luxurious, performance versions are all being considered.

After going out of production at the beginning of the year, Land Rover’s most iconic model is taking a break until the next generation due to arrive in 2018. With the all-new model, JLR will probably offer the most expansive Defender lineup ever as numerous versions are being considered. CarAdvice talked to SVO’s managing director John Edwards and he said a luxurious model is being analyzed, one that would likely be called SVAutobiography as it’s the case with the poshest Evoque and Range Rover.

Interestingly, Edwards rhetorically asked “could we have an SVR version of this car?” If that will come to life, it’s going to be a performance-oriented version of the Defender which would be really interesting to see given the fact that the Defender has always been about off-road prowess.

Speaking of which, a rugged SVX has probably been green-lighted already since the Defender is without any doubt the most suitable candidate to receive an off-road-focused derivative with even more capabilities to tackle rough terrains.

Since we’re on the subject of SVX, we found in WCF’s archives an article from 2007 with a Defender SVX special edition. How cool is that? That one only brought cosmetic tweaks inside and out, whereas the new SVX-badged Defender will likely have an assortment of hardware upgrades to make it an even more capable off-roader.

Source: caradvice.com.au