The pilot program could broaden if this experiment is successful.

In the 1950s, you could go to the local Sears department store and leave with a new car. Decades later, Tesla is staging a high-end revival of that concept by creating a small showroom with its own staff inside a Nordstrom at The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles, California. The space will open on June 18 and will remain there for at least the rest of the year. 

At just 400 square feet, the Tesla has just enough space to park a Model X inside. The staff there can also arrange a test drive for curious buyers, according to Fast Company. The small showroom doesn't yet have a license to sell cars directly, but the employees can direct interested customers to the local Tesla store, which is only five miles away.

According to Fast Company, this partnership was the work of Tesla Vice President of North American Sales Ganesh Srivats. As a former Burberry executive, he already had experience working with Nordstrom. Now the companies want to see how people react to being able to buy an electric vehicle at the department store before expanding the small showrooms into other locations. 

Tesla's direct sales approach means that it can open showrooms in unconventional locations because the business doesn't need to store cars on a large dealer lot. Instead the company can keep a few models on site and let customers choose their options. The automaker already has stores in shopping centers, including in London (pictured above), so moving one directly into a Nordstrom isn't a huge leap for Tesla's marketing strategy.

Source: Fast Company