How an internal argument at Jaguar led to the future of nomenclature for its products.

There's a lot of history behind the classic Jaguar maxim, "Grace, Pace and Space," which guided the development of decades of sports cars and luxury sedans.

In a case of companies taking their own history almost too seriously, Jaguar's first SUV was almost called F-Space. (Would Sir Lyon have approved?)

That's the word, according to F-Pace vehicle line director, Kevin Stride. F-Space was up for consideration, just like F-Pace, when Jaguar internals were considering how to name their first-ever SUV. Stride recalled a meeting with colleagues at which the choices were presented, and the team admitted that there wasn't an obvious option. Eventually, they settled on "Pace," which could appear on future Jaguar SUVs.

Nomenclature is a bit of an issue at Jaguar, these days. Unlike companies like Cadillac and Audi, which feature boring but standardized names that define their products, Jaguar has a more, erm, diversified approach. As for the "F" in F-Pace, it's meant to link it stylistically to the F-Type roadster while being in the size class of the XF sedan—still following? For now, -Type will link sports cars to the iconic D-Type and E-Type, while X-branded vehicles will continue to be sedans. Jaguar executives are confident in the strategy, if that makes it any better.

We're holding out to see if and how Jaguar might someday use -Space. F-Grace has a nice ring to it, too, for an F-Type replacement, now that we say it out loud...

Motor1 will bring you our First Drive of the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace next week, so we'll have a bit more data on the properness of the Pace sobriquet. 

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