The rider is very impressed by the Model S' rapid acceleration.

Sports bikes’ combination of little weight and high-output engines generally makes them some of the quickest accelerating street-legal vehicles you can buy. However, if you want an even more rapid sprint and to haul the whole family, too, there’s another option. As this video shows, a Tesla Model S can absolutely embarrass a 600cc motorcycle in a straight-line run.

The motorcyclist shooting this clip says he’s in the wrong gear after the first race, and the Tesla driver jumps the start. However, a fairer fight in the subsequent sprints doesn’t change the outcome very much. The Model S launches to a commanding lead, and there’s nothing the rider can do to challenge the EV.

The motorcyclist admits his 600cc Kawasaki isn’t the quickest thing on the road, but he speculates even a 1.0-liter engine wouldn’t be enough to keep up. Unfortunately, the EV's driver doesn’t tell us which variant of the Model S this is and whether he’s using Insane or Ludicrous mode. The information would help explain how the sedan is capable of such astonishing acceleration.

Street racing is extremely dangerous, and challenges like this should only happen on the drag strip. These guys at least try to be somewhat safe, though. Traffic appears light, and they keep the competition quite friendly. Warning, the motorcycle rider does use a fair amount of explicit language, so the audio probably isn't safe for work.

Via: Auto Evolution