Volkswagen de Mexico is getting ready to start production of the long-wheelbase Tiguan which will seat seven.

A new body shop for a brand new model. VW’s factory in Mexico inaugurated a brand new body shop at the end of last year and now the necessary equipment and machinery installation is nearing completion. Last Friday, the very first test body of the Tiguan Long Wheel Base (LWB) was built to check the calibration of the body shop’s equipment and processes. Series production of the stretched Tiguan is slated to commence at the beginning of 2017.

The 70,800-square-meter body shop facility is home to 800 welding robots and so far almost 700 containers with 50,000+ tons of equipment necessary for the Puebla factory have arrived. Volkswagen de México is currently conducting a series of training programs for the personnel in charge of programming the robots for the automation process.

VW completes first Tiguan LWB test body

As for the SUV itself, VW is stretching the wheelbase by 4.33 inches (11 centimeters) to create a more spacious cabin capable of hosting up to seven people. The rear overhang will also be bigger compared to the five-seat-only Tiguan which will enable a bigger trunk with the rearmost seats folded.

VW isn’t saying when it will reveal the larger Tiguan, but it will likely bring it to the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

Source: Volkswagen

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