These drivers know their cars very well.

Anyone who has ever played a racing video game has wondered whether they could go as fast on a real track as in the virtual world. Castrol’s Clone Rival challenge answers that question by putting two professional drivers in a pair of hypercars and comparing their performance in a simulator and on the circuit.

To properly race against yourself, it's useful to be familiar with the car, and Castrol’s drivers are at home in some very entertaining machines. Christoffer Nygaard is Koenigsegg’s test driver, and he brings a One:1. Darren Turner is part of the Aston Martin Vulcan’s development team and uses one of the rare hypercars for this experiment.

The drivers started by strapping into a simulator, which replicated their cars. They each did 10 laps around the Ascari circuit. Castrol then assembled their fastest times to create their perfect lap.

A few weeks later the crew went to the real Ascari, and that’s where the fun began. The engineers equipped each hypercar with a small HUD, which displayed the data from the drivers’ ultimate lap. The device let the racers see how they were performing in comparison to their digital doppelgängers.

We get the impression Castrol’s experiment is more about being entertaining than scientific, but the company’s videos are a lot of fun to watch. You can check out the Koenigsegg above and the Vulcan below. A making-of clip is at the very bottom, which provides a few glimpses of the in-car HUDs.

Source: Castrol

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