One issue affects child safety seats, and the other requires replacing the front driveshaft.

BMW will recall 210,161 vehicles in the United States in two separate campaigns for different problems with its crossovers. The larger issue covers 188,668 examples of the 2011-2017 X3 and 2015-2017 X4. The smaller one affects 21,493 examples of the 2011 X5 and X6.

In the X3 and X4, the rigid connectors for attaching ISOFIX-compatible child safety seats can damage the lower anchor bars. This could cause the anchor not to hold properly in a crash. BMW is clear this problem largely affects Europe because this type of child seat is more common there. Americans tend to use LATCH connectors, which are more flexible. The company has no reports of injuries or fatalities from this problem.

To fix the issue, the brand’s dealers will weld a reinforcing bracket to the lower anchor bars and the vehicle’s body. BMW will begin the recall on July 12.

The problem with the X5 and X6 concerns possible failure of the front driveshaft’s universal joint. Due to a manufacturing error, the part’s seal can allow dirt and water to get inside and corrode the component. In a worst-case scenario, the driveshaft could stop sending power to the front wheels. If this happens, it wouldn't affect the rear axle, though. The company also has no reports of injuries or fatalities from this issue.

To make the repair, dealers will replace the front driveshaft on these vehicles. The recall will begin July 1.

Source: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration [1][2]

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