The cheapest Model X money can buy in the U.K. is the base 75D model which carries a starting price of £71,900. In return for your hard-earned money, Tesla will give you an all-electric SUV that can cover 259 miles / 417 km (NEDC) and run to 60 mph (96 kph) in six seconds before topping out at 130 mph (209 kph).

If you want more range and better performance, you’ll have to upgrade to the midrange 90D (£82,400) which as the name implies has a 90-kWh battery with enough juice for 303 miles (488 km). This version will run the sprint in 4.8 seconds and max out at 155 mph (250 kph). Aside from the upgraded battery pack and better performances, the 90D also gets a standard Smart Air Suspension.

Tesla Model X screenshot from UK configurator

As for the flagship P90D, it costs a hefty £99,800 and offers a slightly lower range than the 90D, at 290 miles (467 km). That’s unlikely to be an issue among buyers as what really matters is the mind-blowing performance. 0-60 mph takes 3.8 seconds in normal mode and just 3.2 seconds if you go for the optional £8,700 Ludicrous mode. Just like the 90D, the P90D also comes with an electronic top speed limiter programmed to kick in at 155 mph (250 kph).

There are a ton of optional goodies you can add, including a seven-seat interior layout which will set you back £3,400. Autopilot is an extra £2,200, as is the 17-speaker sound system which includes a subwoofer. Tesla Motors UK has other goodies to offer, such as the £850 Subzero Weather Package and the £3,900 Premium Upgrades Package which adds LED fog lights, HEPA air filtration system, ventilated front seats, more leather, LED ambient lighting, dynamic LED turning lights, and other kit.

Tesla Model X screenshot from UK configurator

If you already have the Model X on order in UK, you’ll likely get it by the end of the year. New orders will be fulfilled starting with spring 2017.

Note: Pricing excludes £380 destination & regulatory doc fee. You can play with the configurator at the source link below.

Source: Tesla Motors UK

Gallery: Tesla Model X gets UK configurator, £71,900 starting price

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