Smart Fortwo ED will come to US first; Cabrio ED also scheduled.

Electric vehicle fans who are also Smart Fortwo fans have had reason to complain these past few years. After all, Daimler thought it was fine to keep selling the older, third-gen ED while the new, fourth-gen Fortwo was still cruising the streets. This is about to end.

Daimler announced today that all-electric versions of the all-new Forfour and the cabrio are on the way, making Smart the only company that will have ICE and electric versions of all of its models. Of course, Smart only has three models, so this isn't exactly the same as Mercedes-Benz or Ford offering the same gas and electric options.

There's also some good news for American Smart electric fans. The new Fortwo Electric Drive (ED) is going to launch in the US ahead of its appearance in Europe. There's no reason to wonder why Daimler is pushing its electric models here. The company says that "around 25 percent" of all the Fortwos sold in the US in recent times were ED models. The electric Smarts use a battery made by the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche Accumotove and use an electric motor made in Renault's plant in France.

While we know pretty much what the new Smart lineups look like - since the gas models are The electric ForFour and carbio models will debut at the Paris Motor Show in the fall. We've got a review of the gas-powered Fortwo here.