A cleaner garbage truck which eschews the diesel engine for quad electric motors.

Mack Trucks joined forces with Wrightspeed to create an electrified garbage truck which was on display last week in Las Vegas during 2016 WasteExpo, a waste management and recycling conference. Tesla Motors co-founder Ian Wright is also the founder of Wrightspeed and the company was in charge of retro-fitting the powertrain to Mack’s LR model to create a greener garbage truck.

The Wrightspeed Route 1000 powertrain works together with a battery pack featuring plug-in capabilities and offering enough energy for up to 24 miles (38.6 kilometers). Once the juice is depleted, the 80-kW turbine generator kicks in and uses diesel or natural gas to recharge the batteries. There’s also a regenerative braking system to fill up the battery while the truck is braking and it also lowers brake wear which in return cuts maintenance costs.


Volvo’s subsidiary Mack says the four electric motors have enough punch to power vehicles up to 66,000 pounds (almost 30 tons) on grades up to 40 percent steep. As it’s the case with electric motors, the torque is delivered instantly and Mack mentions the driving experience is similar to conventional diesel trucks.

There’s no word just yet about putting the electric-powered Mack LR into production, but it’s a sign that alternative drivelines designed to diminish fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs are becoming more widespread.

Source: Mack via trucks.com

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