The advertising world is an odd one. They have production budgets large enough to make our inner editor-side weep.

For those of us on the creative side also feel that twinge of jealousy when we see an advertising creative team do something way outside the box – like that Hamburger Helper mixtape that dropped this spring. Getting a concept that unorthodox past a client is a one-in-a-million shot, and whoever sold that through needs to ride that wave of luck and buy a lottery ticket quick.

Traditional clients can be quite the opposite though. If you have a good enough idea, it gets funded – just like the Mobil 1 F1-inspired commercial that recently hit the Web.

In case you haven’t seen it – it’s a “stunt” piece where everyday folks head to a do-it-yourself carwash. Cameras are placed far away to capture the drivers’ reactions as a Mobil 1-sponsored Formula 1 pit crew swarms on them to handle washing duties. After the camera captures the surprise and delight (a term used across all agencies) on the drivers’ faces, said drivers step out and stare in slack-jawed awe as Jenson Button pulls up in his Formula 1 car. Button gets out, grabs a newspaper and tries to nonchalantly act like he’s next in line for a carwash.

Behind the scenes, the creative director (CD) on the Mobil 1 account one day decided that he’d like to utilize Jenson Button, and that they’d like Mobil 1 to pay for it all. The CD got some of his creative team to build a pitch deck, showed the “proven” concept and associated costs, maybe said a few buzzwords about things going viral and – voila – an all-expenses-paid visit with Button and an oh-so-fresh Formula 1 car.

The priciest line item was likely transport for the Formula 1 car and team for this creative. We'll bet that Button contract contains a clause stating that promo work like this is included in his salary, so his payment for the day was likely a good craft services meal.

Since this looked to be a Europe-only ad, don’t expect Button to surprise you at your local carwash anytime soon. And besides, this is America, so if Mobil 1 were to do something similar here, it would probably be with Brian Vickers.

So if want to see Button’s Formula 1 ride behind yours, you’ll probably have to settle for this 1:18 scale McLaren-Honda MP4-31 sacle model from Minichamp. The final model will be available in Q4, which is why you’re seeing Fernando Alonso’s scale model as a stand-in. The final product will be 100% accurate, but will probably sell out once it hits the street, which is why ordering starts now. Clicking this link will help you secure your own Jenson Button Mclaren-Honda.