Giant windshield is allowing too much sunshine into drivers’ eyes.

One of the most striking design elements on the Tesla Model X, besides the Falcon Wing doors, is its giant panoramic windshield, said to be the largest on any production car. Not only does it contribute to the car’s swept-back styling, but the company says it provides “unparalleled views” for vehicle occupants. Unfortunately, some drivers are finding that it does too good a job of letting in daylight, so Tesla will offer a free sunshade to Model X owners.

Though the Model X does come with small fold-out sun visors as standard, many owners have complained that they’re not enough to completely prevent glare from bright sunlight. As a result, Tesla emailed owners this week to say that the company will send a free sunshade that fits over the upper windshield.

According to Tesla’s instructions, the new sun shade, “blocks two thirds of light and heat coming through the front upper windshield.” The flexible mesh shade clips into the rearview mirror housing and the upper edge of the windshield, and can easily be removed and stored in an included bag. We suspect, though, that any Tesla Model X owners who are struggling with sun glare will install the flexible shade once and leave it there indefinitely.

Source: Teslerati

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