Volkswagen Group could be in legal trouble very soon over its vehicles' emissions in South Korea. According to an anonymous person in the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office speaking to Bloomberg, the German automaker allegedly falsified 37 emissions and noise reports for 26 models since 2010. The inaccurate documents allowed VW to import these vehicles into the country.

Official details about the case could come out soon. According to Bloomberg’s insider, prosecutors would begin contacting VW execs during the week of June 13 to question them. The lawyers already collected evidence from the automaker’s South Korean offices in May. Some of the models VW allegedly falsified information about include the Golf and Audi RS7.

If these allegations are true, then another scandal would further wreck VW’s environmental reputation. In September 2015, American regulators reported there was a defeat device on some of the company’s diesel models, which allowed them to cheat on emissions tests. The revelation ignited a firestorm that ousted chairman Martin Winterkorn and eventually a few other execs. The misconduct could also cost the company billions of dollars and ravage customer trust in the brand. A recall is already underway in Europe, but owners in the United States might still have months of waiting for repairs.

Source: Bloomberg


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