It’s easy to understand why so many people from United Kingdom are showing their love for the latest and greatest Focus RS. The German-built high-performance hatchback combines 350 horsepower with all-wheel drive and a six-speed manual gearbox to offer a very compelling package. Ford initially allocated around 4,000 units for U.K., but since all were snatched right away, an extra 1,000 cars are being considered to match the very high demand.

However, there is a problem. Since the factory in Saarlouis is already running at full capacity, it means Ford can’t boost production to quench U.K.’s thirst for the Focus RS. As a consequence, it will likely have to take away some cars which were originally destined to be sold elsewhere. The Blue Oval company says this will not affect customers from other countries, so there shouldn’t be any reasons of concern for people waiting to drive the high-powered compact hatchback.

Ford mentions people in U.K. are still able to place an order for the Focus RS, but we should warn you the model’s huge popularity has generated an eight-month waiting list which could further increase. As a matter of fact, a reader of Autocar was informed by his dealer that delivery will take place in 12-14 months.

With the Focus RS being so well received, there are reasons enough to believe an even more potent RS500 version will happen. If it will become a reality, the range-topping model will become the “fastest-accelerating hatchback in history,” according to company insiders.

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