A pair of coupes, plus an all-electric prototype.

The 2017 Acura NSX is going racing at Pikes Peak, marking the car’s first race debut in the U.S. A pair of specially prepared NSX coupes will attack the 12.42-mile Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 26. Last year, an NSX served as a pace car at Pikes Peak.

One of the cars will enter the Time Attack 1 category, and it will receive “chassis lightening” modifications and a racing exhaust, while the other Acura NSX will be closer to factory condition -- albeit with the addition of required safety gear -- to enter the Time Attack 2 grouping. The cars will have two brothers, who are Honda engineers, behind the wheel. James Robinson, who previously campaigned an original NSX at Pikes Peak from 2012-2015, will drive the TA1 car, while his brother Nick, an engineer involved in NSX development, will pilot the TA2 entry.


Both of the cars use the standard Acura NSX powertrain, which combines a biturbo V6 gasoline engine mated to a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission, plus a rear electric motor and a “Twin Motor Unit” to provide torque vectoring and motive power for the front wheels.

While those NSX race cars are the headliners, Acura will be involved with the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in several other areas. Following on its all-electric CR-Z racing prototype from last year, Acura also plans to race an “EV Concept” that will use a four-motor electric drivetrain but with an NSX body. Though there are few details on the concept so far, Acura promises it will have three times more power than last year’s CR-Z.

Acura will also provide an NSX, an MDX crossover, and a TLX sedan as pace cars for Pikes Peak.

Source: Honda

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