The company has a vested interest in making the Silverado look good.

In a new video, Chevrolet aims to show the superiority of its roll-formed, high-strength steel bed in the Silverado against the Ford F-150’s stamped aluminum. As an official clip from an automaker, the challenge’s winner is fairly obvious. We wonder if the test is really representative of how drivers use their pickups’ bed, though.

In the first challenge, Chevy dumps 825 pounds of landscaping blocks into both trucks. The Silverado’s bed has some dents afterward, but the rocks actually puncture the Ford’s metal. The company then drops a toolbox into them, and there are similar results.

This video seems to illustrate that a steel bed is superior for heavy-duty use, but we wonder how many truck owners really subject their vehicle to this much punishment. Also, many buyers would use some sort of bed liner to protect the metal, which would potentially mitigate the differences between the materials.

Chevy's marketing team needs to be somewhat careful about making customers believe aluminum is a weak material in a truck. Rumors suggest the company’s next generation of pickups would reportedly switch to aluminum bodies like the current F-150. These new models could launch as soon as fall 2018, which only gives the automaker a couple more years to proclaim steel as the better choice.

Source: Chevrolet

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