The DMC-12 is heading back to production. This time, with more than twice the power.

Set to enter low-volume production in exactly 181 days, the DMC-12 will be built by Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company which isn’t connected in any way with the original automaker. The plan is to remain faithful to the Giugiaro-designed car which was the star of the Back to the Future franchise. There is going to be one major change as it will lose the rather weak 130-hp 2.85-liter V6 engine to make room for something that will have more than twice the punch.

While the identity of the engine has not been disclosed, we do know the company is working with two different suppliers and in the next weeks to come will test cars to see which one will be a better fit. The new engine will be teamed up to a five-speed manual, transaxle gearbox that will actually be an upgraded version of the DMC-12’s original ‘box set to go through changes to cope with the extra oomph.

DeLorean Motor Company will get to pick from larger 17- or 18-inch wheels backed by beefier brakes necessary taking into account the much stronger engine. In addition, the electrical system will be overhauled to make sure the car won’t be plagued by the same issues which affected the early 80s DMC-12.

The original chassis was manufactured from mild steel and coated with an epoxy, but that did not turn out to be such a great idea as with time the epoxy aged, becoming more fragile. Consequently, the chassis would begin to twist and flex, allowing moisture to infiltrate and cause rust. That’s why the 2017 model will use a NOS chassis which will be electro-coated for corrosion protection as well as powder-coated.

DeLorean Motor Company has been selling refurbished vehicles for quite some time for $45,000 to $55,000, but the new and improved version will cost almost $100,000.