Being a successful racing driver practically necessitates remaining cool under pressure, but funny car driver Jack Beckman could teach even a Zen master a few lessons about staying calm.

Beckman was in his Infinite Hero Dodge Charger during the third qualifying session for the 2016 NHRA New England Nationals at New England Dragway. He had a great start and appeared to be ahead. However, things got explosive before he made it across the line. The engine blew up in a massive fireball and completely separated the supercharger from the block. The blast also launched the body onto the side of the track and only left the nose on the front of Beckman’s car.

Despite this mayhem, Beckman keeps his cool. When his crew comes over the radio to check the driver’s condition, he says calmly: “I’m good; I’m good.” He then climbs out of the car like it’s just another day at the job, checks out the aftermath, and then walks away. We wish we could stay this unflustered in just a normal day of rush hour traffic.

The video above lets you hear Beckman’s reaction to his fiery incident. For another angle on the explosion, check out the tweet from the NHRA below, which shows the blast in real time.

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