The original Cinquecento came out on July 4, 1957 and now Fiat has decided to celebrate the model’s forthcoming 59th anniversary with a special edition that adopts a nautical theme. It has teamed up with Riva for a tweaked version of the cute city car which will be influenced by the famous Aquarama speedboat. While details are scarce at the moment, Fiat is promising a series of “unique styling choices and exquisite detailing.”

That’s not exactly very revealing, but we do know the special 500 will wear an exclusive “Evening Blue” body paint as a nod to the gorgeous Aquariva Super powerboat which is considered as being the heir of the classic Aquarama. The car’s interior will also be a bit special, with the central part of the dashboard clad in mahogany with maple accents to further accentuate the connection between the 500 and Riva. To spice things up, several chrome details and aquamarine accents have been added to give the boat-like city car a “timeless charm.”

Following its July 4 official reveal, the 500 Riva will enter limited production, but Fiat isn’t saying how many units it plans to make and how much it will cost. You can imagine all of these exterior and interior tweaks will command a significant premium over the standard 500 which was facelifted last year.

Source: Fiat

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Fiat 500 Riva: the new icon born of the special first-time union between two timeless Italian legends

Two absolute icons, in motoring and in boating, encounter one another to create a new object of desire and symbol of Italian beauty.
And so, for its birthday on 4 July, the Fiat icon can show off a new excusive made-to-measure look, designed with the elegance and expertise employed to create the world's most beautiful powerboats.
An inimitable style made up of precious essences and of passion for chromatic detailing, to turn every journey into an exclusive cruise.

The birth of the Fiat 500 in 1957 contributed strongly to the motorisation of a nation in rapid evolution, quickly becoming a cult model with sales of almost 4 million cars. This was the so-called Dolce Vita era, during which Italy rebuilt itself with dynamic vigour and enthusiasm. The mythical 500 went beyond meeting the growing need to make mobility accessible, it also expressed an entire generation's deep-seated will to life. The same expression of vitality was projected in the same period by Aquarama, a Riva speedboat synonymous with elegance and perfection. An authentic status symbol, featuring highest quality materials, meticulously executed detailing and maximum craft expertise.

Allure and elegance are also features that typify the New 500 launched in 2007. Its massive success has turned it into an icon which with masterful coherence reconciles a series of contrasting opposites: a car which is both exclusive and accessible, a global best-seller with a profoundly Italian heart, a product of elegance that never forgets to offer enjoyment. Despite having sold 1,800,000 units, it remains utterly personal, having inspired numerous successful special series while maintaining its unique identity intact.

Since 2015, it has renovated its iconic image both outside and inside, as it continues to offer richer content in terms of technology, engines and personalisation options: the icon has evolved further, refining the features which have made it a masterpiece.

Today, Fiat and Riva have conceived a new limited edition special series: the 500 Riva, with unique stylistic choices and exquisite detailing. The "Evening Blue" colour of body and hood - created exclusively for the 500 Riva - is identical to that of Aquariva Super, the contemporary powerboat icon and heir to the mythical Aquarama. The central part of the dashboard, fashioned from the most exclusive mahogany inset with maple, provides an unmistakable flourish of Riva elegance, offering occupants the warm wood colours of life on-board.

Various luxurious chrome details also exalt the "seafaring" spirit of 500 Riva, while aquamarine, the symbolic colour of the legendary nautical brand, is present in the beauty line of every boat-like car, unequivocally personalising this new limited-edition special series.

The strength of the 500 plus Riva style have made it possible to create a car renewed in quality, technology and design, while remaining faithful to the values of the two legends which together have conjured up a timeless charm.

500 Riva thus becomes a sort of 'smallest boat' offering elegance and style, performance and comfort, turning every journey into an exclusive roadway cruise.