Accelerates from 0-62 miles per hour in less than four seconds.

Dähler Design & Technik GmbH has unveiled the "ultimate" BMW M2 Coupe.

Starting under the hood, the company swapped the M2's 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder (N55) engine for the more powerful 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder (S55) unit that resides in the M4.  Thanks to this and other modifications, the car produces 540 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque.  The significant increase in power clearly pays off as the car accelerates from 0-62 miles per hour in less than four seconds before hitting a top speed of 199 mph.

To keep things under control, the tuning firm installed an adjustable coil-over suspension system and a high-performance braking system with eight pistons and 15.7-inch brake discs.  The model has also been equipped with a front spoiler and a stainless steel sports exhaust system.  Customers can also order a rear wing and unique 20- or 21-inch lightweight alloy wheels.

The interior largely carries over but drivers will find a new multi-information display that shows an assortment of vehicle information.  Drivers looking for something more unique can request a bespoke cabin that suits their tastes.

Source: Dähler Design & Technik GmbH

BMW M2 by Dähler Design & Technik

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The dÄHLer-M2-story - The ultimate M2 Coupe with M4-engine (S55)
Photos: Jordi Miranda

A unique Swiss BMW individualization for the M2 Coupe
Dähler Design & Technik GmbH from Belp near Bern in Switzerland is planning an entire M2 series of a unique Swiss BMW individualization. These highly individualized vehicles are supposed to represent the entire range. This program just about the limit! It is all about the individual optimization by using single components in order to compose complete vehicles or flashy club sports cars. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Let's get started with a big bang:
The ultimate M2 Coupe with M4-engine (S55) as the crown of the «dÄHLer competition line»
Expertise and Power – a pure dream package!

The M4-engine fits. And that's how we install it. The centerpiece:
Besides the “transplant” of the M4 power unit into the M2 Coupe, we update the in-line six-cylinder M TwinPowerTurbo (S55) with 2.979 cubic capacity to 540 HP (=397 kW) and increase the maximum torque value to 730 ft-lb of torque in order to rotate between 2.900 and 4.900 RPM. That is enough to sprint in less than 4 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and to achieve a high speed of 320 km/h. It goes without saying, it includes an EU-/CH admission (Euro-6-norm) in compliance to the emission certification of the series.

In order to increase the agility even more, a perfectly aligned performance coil-over suspension system «built by dÄHLer» has been mounted into the BMW. Besides the comfortable lowering, it offers an 18 level rebound and compression stage (each level can be adjusted separately and independently of one another). This feature is new and currently applies to the low- and high speed level of the compression stage as well (progressive, speed-dependent)!
As the M2 Coupe offers almost countless different adjustments it can be optimally adjusted to any road condition(s) and to the personal preferences of the driver. In addition we install our well-proven 8-pistons-high-performance-brake-system with massive 400 millimeter brake discs as well as a stainless steel exhaust system – also «built by dÄHLer». The MID-display provides numerous information and adds the perfect touch to the individualization program.

Considering the visual orientation of this M2 Coupe as the crown of the «dÄHLer competition line» it is very close to the original series. However the aerodynamic, and in particular the contact pressure of the front axle, benefits from the modest and efficient front spoiler lip. If requested, we can install a rear wing.

Following the customer's request, the interior can receive a striking upgrade to add a certain «dÄHLer-Touch».

After «powered by dÄHLer» (power update for BMW aggregates), the motto «built by dÄHLer» will become more and more the main focus. Following the performance coil-over suspension system, the high-performance brake unit and the stainless steel exhaust system, all developed and produced in-house, the first wheel by our own manufacturing is now available: «dÄHLer CDC1». The dimensions for the M2 are 9 x 20 (VA) and 10,5 x 20 (HA) or 9 x 21 (VA) and 10,5 x 21 (HA)!

«powered & built by dÄHLer» is everything but a hollow promise: The name represents innovative technology and precise craft skills of the highest level. The focus of extensive BMW individualization certainly is the perceptible and measurable performance increase. The most valuable knowledge regarding the in-house components allows for outstanding customer service, because dealing with high-tech products requires utmost diligence and expertise. In front of this background the mobility will be elevated to a form of art – in other words: «the art of mobility».

The additional models of the M2 series by Dähler
The main topic on our current development of recently completed vehicles is pointing towards the now available BMW M2 Coupe. The (original) model is great! We make it even better, more powerful and harmonious. The highly individualized vehicles represent the broad spectrum.
Apart from the M2 coupe with the M4 engine (S55) as the crown of the series, the following variants are available:

• M2 coupe «dÄHLer competition line» (with N55-Motor)
• M2 coupe «dÄHLer race line»

M2 coupe «dÄHLer competition line» (N55)
Creative competence and preciseness – driving pleasure pure!

It goes without saying that we have the right answer for the M2 Coupe with the modified N55 engine and can offer a comprehensive program accordingly.

Various studies and pictures of planned conversions are already designed, but before a result can be reported, it has to be available on the road. And the result is very respectable (and of course is ready to drive!). The familiar «dÄHLer-Touch» comes with the usual technical-harmonious and provable manner.

The BMW individualization from Switzerland for the M2 coupe as «dÄHLer competition line» includes a power update from 408 up to 450 HP, a coil-over suspension system, a high- performance braking unit, a stainless steel exhaust system and wheels/tires as well as an improved aerodynamic and style.

It is not just about the performance why Dähler Design & Technik GmbH improves the power of the basis aggregates (370 HP/465 ft-lb of torque plus 35 ft-lb of torque overboost). As a matter of fact, the main goal for Christoph Dähler and his team is the smooth interaction of many different parts as well as the harmonious totality of the entire project. Finally, the drive ability, respectively the car's traction, decides the individual alignment of each vehicle. The individualized vehicle has to be reliable and verifiable. Altogether the M2 coupe «dÄHLer competition line» eclipses the Bavarian original in every way. Because of their decade-long experience, the specialist in Belp near Bern understand the complex interaction of all components very well.

The main feature is the performance increase, available on three different levels:

Level 1 already fires up the in-line six-cylinder M TwinPowerTurbo with 2.979 cubic capacity to 408 HP (= 300 kW) and increases the maximum torque up to 600 ft-lb of torque. That's enough to go from 0 up to 100 km/h under 4 seconds and to reach a maximum speed of around 300 km/h.

And level 2 is even more promising: 430 HP (= 316 kW) are supporting the installed N55 engine and provides 630 ft-lb of torque. The maximum speed amounts to more than 300 km/h.

The configuration of level 3 is currently the most powerful level. With 450 PS (= 331 kW) it supplies an impressive 660 ft-lb of torque and the maximum speed will race beyond 300 km/h.

With the EU-/CH permission all variants accomplish the Euro-6-norm. The emission performance remains the same as the original series.

For an additional increase of the agility, any other available components (performance coil-over suspension system, high-performance brake unit, stainless steel exhaust system, MID-display, aerodynamic, interior, wheels and tires etc.) corresponds to the details and specifications of the top model with M4 engine (S55).

M2 Coupe «dÄHLer race line» in the club sports version.
Minimized to the bare essentials – pure racing fun!

Even vehicles used during club sports contests or on track days are no stranger to us. On the contrary, it is a passion. Compared to vehicles for public streets and daily usage, the requirements and implementation are a different story.

Rigorous straightness.

Converting from the original series to a racing car.

The development of the M2 Coupe «dÄHLer race line» depends on the customer's request. The fundamental points of the basic vehicle will be modified. The development and optimization into a club sports car will take place gradually. Unnecessary interior components or material will be removed in order to obtain a optimal «fighting weight».

The many years of experience with competitive club sports vehicles (for example M3 E36, Z3 M coupe, MINI R53 «Challenge», 135i E82, series 1 M E82, M135i) flows smoothly into the current program and ensures a maximum of reliability and pure driving pleasure.
A summary of the used components:
• Performance increase
• Transmission/shifting system
• Stainless steel exhaust system
• High performance brake unit
• Club sports chassis
• Monobloc alloy wheels, with semi-slicks or slicks
• Aerodynamic components (front spoiler/rear wing etc.)
• Roll cage
• Racing seat with six-point-seat-belt
• Weight optimization

Performance level for the engine are upon request (depending on optimization and operation purpose with or without road permission).

The «dÄHLer race line» is all about a comprehensive concept and package of features for the individual development and conversion of a vehicle at the customer's desires as well as the maintenance and support service during racing activities on track days or club sports events.