Beats a previous record achieved in North America.

A total of 1527 vehicles formed the longest queue of Ford vehicles in the world for a new Guinness World Record set near Sofia, Bulgaria, last weekend. Actually, more than 2300 Fords covered the 2-mile (3.2 kilometers) distance, but some of them were not homologated as light vehicles and were not included in the final number.

As one would expect, the parade consisted of many different models, including popular vehicles like the Fiesta, Focus, and Mondeo, as well as rare machines such as the Taunus, Probe, Mercury, Granada, Maverick, Cougar, Thunderbird, Cobra, and many more. A classic Model A from the 1930s was also part of the event.

The new record is already accredited by the Guinness World Records. The previous largest number of Ford cars in a parade formation is 829 vehicles that participated in an event held back in 2014 in North America.

A quick look at Guinness’ official site shows many brands have achieved similar records over the years. For example, a total of 2,420 Jeeps gathered in Pennsylvania, the U.S., on 12 June 2015, while 742 Toyotas formed the longest queue of vehicles from the Japanese brand in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 2015.

Source: Guinness World Records

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